Francesco Corvi ( is an Italian performer, musician, lecturer, and multimedia artist. His artistic practice explores new technologies through the development of unconventional performance strategies, including live coding and adaptive systems raising philosophical questions related to phenomenology, posthumanism, and cybernetics. In his live performances he employs open-source programming languages to create music and audiovisual shows at the intersection of computer music, electroacoustic music, new media art, post-IDM, and deconstructed club. He received his training at the CREA (Research Centre for Audiovisual Processing) in Frosinone, Italy, and later at the Institute of Sonology in Den Haag. Alongside his academic path he always maintained a strong connection with the underground experimental music scene, releasing on labels such as Superpang, Kaer'Uiks, Genot Centre, Riforma, Mossa Records, and, and playing in venues like Grrrnd Zero (Lyon), Klang (Rome), Punctum (Prague), Spin Time Labs (Rome), SpazioX (Treviso) and more. His diverse body of work encompasses live performances, multimedia installations, music albums, software development, and teaching music and generative arts, and computational thinking. He has performed and presented his works at events and festivals such as ICLC2023, ICFP2022, Blooming Festival, Didacta, Bučení Festival, DA Z, Hulkovæ Mysteria, Default Den Haag, Spring Attitude, C(A)OSMO Festival, Creative Code Festival, WeSa Seoul, Glitch Art Pixel Language, ArteScienza and more. He gave lectures for KABK, NABA, Umanesimo Artificiale, University of Pisa and more, and led a training project for music teachers together with INDIRE and Tempo Reale.

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