Parallel Metaverses

Parallel metaverses is an ensemble of visual artists and live coders where 4 performers collaborate in the same metaverse, controlling synthesis algorithms, musical patterns, lights and three-dimensional objects.


Collaborative performance in VR

Premiated at A MAZE festival in Berlin

Concept, Visuals, 3d modelling and Sound by Francesco Corvi (Nesso), Malitz Cortes (CNDSD), Ivan Abreu, Laura Luna Castillo


HyperGlass is a series of audiovisual works inspired by the observation of the behaviour of light and sound through glass.

Video fixed media on multiple screens/projectors with 3 or more speakers

Circular Binaries

A series of reaction diffusion models interact with each other

One channel video seamless Loop with two or more speakers


A Generative Adversarial Network interacts with music creating abstract evolving paintings

Immersive projection room, stereo surround

at Lightbox, New York for Creative Code festival

Music by Francesco Corvi (Nesso), Visuals by Amir Zhussupov


This audiovisual composition is a one take real time recording of a quintet of algorithmic virtual instruments specifcally programmed for this purpose and placed in an immersive sonic environment using binaural spatialization.

Single screen projection, binaural mix

Presented at WeSa Seoul, Seoul

Visuals and Sound by Francesco Corvi (Nesso) and Riccardo Ancona (Olbos)